Glow Play

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Glowing Water Balloon Fights & Other Glow Time Play

Yep. …gonna have to try this one.

In the past, I’ve made black light reflective liquid for parties with a 2 liter bottle and a highlighter, but I’ve always been afraid someone might drink the concoction. …NOT a kid-friendly method.

Asia Citro/‘s Safe and Edible Glow Water for Baths and Play uses crushed vitamins and sure does make glow time a lot more kid-friendly.

Yep. Safe and Edible Glow Water’s going on the “To Do” list for the next party. 🙂

(((Hmmm. Water balloon fights under blacklights? LOL)))

Check out Asia Citro/ and her latest book, 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids for even more fun activities.

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